Day in the Life of a Tappan Collective Artist: Stevie Howell

Day in the Lift of Tappan Collective Artist: Stevie Howell published by Intermix on October 10, 2013.

This is an installment in our INTERMIX x Tappan Collective series in which we feature a day in the life of four artists under The Tappan Collective project. INTERMIX will display a selection of works from each of these artists at our Robertson Boulevard, Marin, Rush Street and Meatpacking District locations from October 10-31 (dates vary by location).

You may remember hearing about Stevie Howell right around the time we opened our Marin store in the summer of 2013—the Oakland-based artist actually designed the tote for our store’s opening. Now that you’ve already seen what’s in her bag, get to know what a day in her life is like right here.
Discover Stevie’s works at INTERMIX Marin from October 17-31.

7:30 AM:
Alarm. Lucy, my dog, stretches and jumps up on my bed and we both decide to sleep in for another 15 minutes. When I wake up I wrap myself wrap myself in a kimono robe, which is a new item I made for my s/s 14 textile collection. Its super soft silk and feels like total luxury. I make coffee (french press) and with mug in hand, I check emails, Instagram (@Stevie_Howell), and the New York Times. It feels heavenly to wake up to silk and coffee—I hope that feeling never grows old.

9:30 AM:
Lu and I head to the studio. I have four bags full of papers, computer, food and fabrics—I can never seem to walk out the door without 50 pounds of luggage. Lucy runs off in the other direction, I spill my coffee, load my car, and finally successfully locate my sunglasses. My intern, Elisa, lives about ten blocks from me so we pick her up on the way to the studio.

10:00 AM:
We listen to Au Revior Simone (I’ve had it on repeat for the last few weeks) and drive over the new bay bridge. I sat next to a guy at a wedding last weekend who told me that old bridge is being demolished in the exact opposite plan of how it was built. We arrive at at my Oakland studio, a large shared warehouse space, and Lu runs around from studio to studio greeting everyone. She is very precocious.

10:30 AM:
Go over my to-do list with Elisa and Juliet (I am so lucky to have the worlds best interns!). I check in with Ellen Carey, who runs SEED (the showroom I work with) and with Chelsea and Jordan who run The Tappan Collective. I spend the morning responding to emails and color correcting new prints. Elisa is resizing images and creating paper prototypes of the leather bound notebooks I am making. Juliet is helping prepare an scarf order for a new store.

2:30 PM:
Lunch! I cooked a belated birthday meal for a friend last night so today its leftovers. I made sweet potato ravioli in cheese broth and this crowd-pleasing kale salad. When I lived in Brooklyn, Frankies was one of my favorite neighborhood spots, and luckily they also have a great cookbook. It’s usually simple and delicious, but my ratios were a little off for this recipe (broth needed less water and more flavor). Its better the second day.

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