Exclusive: Mad Men's Alison Brie Gets a '70s Makeover



Mad Men may be (sadly) ending before entering the decade of disco, but when we asked Alison Brie to step into the era of big hair and heavy contour for our latest beauty editorial, she happily obliged.

“I love the style of the ‘70s, it’s such an eclectic decade, and so different from the ‘60s,” Brie told us. “These looks are all looser, sexier, and more free.” How does it stack up to the period she’s used to working in? “The costumes are very binding because we wear all the correct undergarments, which informs your character, but this feels like you can put everything right out there. Whereas, in Mad Men, everything seems a bit hidden.”

We did just that, with the help of makeup artist Jo Strettell and hairstylist Christian Marc. From big curls and Guy Bourdin-inspired colors, to a full-lashed flower child, Brie makes the ‘70s look damn good.