Scarves by Stevie Howell

Scarves by Stevie Howell published in Vanity Fair on April 29, 2013.


Scarves are the perfect accessory, any time of year. They add a splash of pizazz and personality to any outfit, while also being the perfect transitional piece when you haven’t yet swapped out your wardrobe for a new season (a nuisance of apartment living, a.k.a. “lack of space,” in the big city). I wear a scarf daily and my most frequent go-to is those by the San Francisco–based artist Stevie Howell (I wrote about her incredible dog paintings a while back). Stevie’s collection of printed scarves merges her background in painting and photography with fashion, pairing a distinct, artistic aesthetic with a range of luxurious fabrics. The textiles include a broad range of references, from Monet’s water lilies to 60s psychedelic, each with a special story behind it—just like a painting. All of the materials are chosen for their sustainability, made from natural materials, sewn locally in San Francisco, and printed in limited-edition runs. To order a scarf that will expertly transition you into spring, visit